The Mother’s Day Six-Word “Mom-oir” Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of our 6-word Mom-oir contest!

Daniella Richardson:  Life’s hardest and most rewarding journey
Kelly Holt:  Motherhood is satisfying, selfless and sweet
Linda Serafin:  A Mother’s Day is never done
Amanda Whitehouse:  Mother, inspiration and best friend always

The author Ernest Hemmingway was once challenged to write a complete work of fiction in just six words. He accepted the challenge and penned the poignant:

“For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”

Years later, the same challenge was issued worldwide by the storytelling website Write your life story in just six words! It is called a “Six-Word Memoir”.

Last year we had over 110 entries so for Mother’s Day this year we’re once again putting our own spin on the “Six-word Memoir” called a “Six-Word Mom-oir”. Whether you are a mother or just have one, everyone has a six-word story to tell about motherhood. We’ll choose our four favorite Six-word Mom-oirs about being a mom or your relationship with your own mother to receive a $50 Gift Certificate to DZ Restaurants.

Read Last Year’s “Six-Word Mom-oirs” to inspire you

Mother’s Day is May11th so make your Mother’s Day Reservations today!

Boca Bistro  (Featuring Mother’s Day Brunch specials)
Chianti Il Ristorante
Forno Bistro
Pasta Pane Rustic Italian Bistro

Submit your own “Six-Word Mom-oir” in the comments section below and be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if you’re one of the winners.

(Entries will be accepted until Midnight on Mother’s Day May 11th. Entries must be six words. Top four entries will win a $50 DZ Restaurants Gift Card. Winners will be chosen by DZ Restaurants and will be contacted by email. DZ Restaurants Gift Certificates are valid at Chianti Ristorante, Forno Bistro, Pasta Pane, and Boca Bistro.)


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