David Zecchini


David Zecchini grew up in Rome. At age 21, he moved to California where he began his career as a restauranteur at Sapori in Marina del Rey. Later, working at a restaurant in nearby Newport Beach, Carmelo’s, David met longtime friend and mentor, Carmelo Manto.

Manto taught Zecchini many valuable lessons about the restaurant industry. He promoted David to General Manager under his guidance. Shortly after Manto died, Zecchini opened his first restaurant called La Fontana in Huntington Beach. He later sold the restaurant and moved to Saratoga Springs.

Never shying away from a new challenge, David decided to open Chianti il Ristorante in downtown Saratoga Springs in 1998. He completely redesigned and transformed the former site of a chain restaurant into an elegant, intimate dining room that quickly became a favorite for fine dining in the area.

Zecchini’s success with Chianti led to the beginning of his regional restaurant collection. He opened his second venue, Luna Lounge, in 2002, which was then transformed into Mare Ristorante in 2005. In 2004, David opened Forno Bistro inside the Old Firehouse building on Broadway.

2008 saw the grand reopening of Chianti in a brand new building on Division St, designed from the ground up by David and his team. His passion for giving back has led to the Twelve Program, a unique way diners can get involved with local non-profit giving just by dining at the restaurant.

Boca Bistro, DZ Restaurants’ newest concept, is a Spanish Bistro and Tapas Bar. Boca Bistro opened on Broadway in Downtown Saratoga in June of 2012 and blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit while embodying the charismatic old-world essence of an authentic Spanish restaurant.

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