Another stop on the food chain

June 18, 2014
Times Union
Deanna Fox

Last summer, David Zecchini lost a battle with a cherry tomato plant on the patio of his Saratoga County home. This summer, he has 100 acres on which to wage war.

Zecchini and his wife, Roslyn, are the husband-wife team behind the DZ Restaurant group, which operates Pasta Pane in Clifton Park, Forno Bistro, Chianti and Boca Bistro, all in Saratoga Springs. While it was Roslyn who had a longtime yearning to get her hands in the soil, David serves as farmer-in-chief for The DZ Farm, located in Galway. The Zecchinis purchased the farm in October and have been steadfast in expanding the existing gardens to grow a variety of produce to supply the restaurants. Read the article>>

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