Bake Me Home Tonight: Video Marketing for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management
February 6, 2018

A smoke machine, a green screen, a pair of jean shorts and a complete lack of shame are the components of a video marketing campaign from Forno Bistro in Saratoga Springs,  New York. “Bake Me Home Tonight” parodies a classic from the 1980s, while promoting the restaurant’s  make-your-own-pizza-at-home campaign.

“One of the most effective methods of marketing and promotion, we are finding, is rich and creative video content,” Bill Gathen, a Strategic Partner at bggCreative and consultant for DZ Restaurants, told Modern Restaurant Managment (MRM) magazine. “As a child of the 80’s I couldn’t resist the urge to pay homage to one of the giants, nay icons, of the 80s; Eddie Money. “Take Me Home Tonight” becomes “Bake Me Home Tonight” but that was just the beginning.”

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