New Tapas Has Arrived At Boca Bistro!

We are excited to introduce an array of new dishes at Boca Bistro. Our chefs have been hard at work crafting these latest additions, infusing traditional flavors with a touch of creativity. We invite you to join us and experience these new menu offerings:

Butterbeans & Piquillos – Simple & Delicious:
Guests will be delighted by this newest addition, Butterbeans & Piquillos, featuring tender butterbeans and piquillo peppers sautéed with a harmonious blend of paprika and herbs. Whether you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or simply appreciate the artistry of plant-based cuisine, our Butterbeans & Piquillos will captivate your taste buds and elevate your dining experience.

Boca Fries – A Deep-Fried Favorite:
A quintessential classic with a touch of Boca Bistro flair, The Boca Fries are crispy, golden, and perfectly seasoned. Each bite offers a nostalgic experience that brings joy to the heart and warmth to the soul. Boca Fries are sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Cauliflower – A Flavorful Delight:
Roasted to perfection, our new Cauliflower tapa boasts a delightful nutty essence with a subtle smokiness. Topped with chopped pistachios, dates, and vibrant pomegranate seeds, every bite offers a medley of textures and notes. A sprinkle of dukkah adds a touch of richness, while the velvety lemon tahini sauce ties it all together with a perfect blend of tanginess and creaminess. If you are seeking a new culinary experience, our roasted Cauliflower is a must-try dish.

Kale – A Wholesome Green Choice:
Embark on a journey of wholesome flavors with our Sautéed Kale, a delightful ode to this nutrient-rich green. Sautéed to perfection with white wine, lemon, and a touch of smoked paprika, each leaf of kale exudes a delectable blend of freshness and mild smokiness. Whether you’re a kale enthusiast or simply seeking a nutritious and flavorful option, this dish promises a harmonious symphony of tastes that will leave you feeling satisfied and invigorated.

Boca Burger – A Reimagined Classic:
Reintroducing the Boca Burger, a new take on a Boca Classic. This mouthwatering delight features a juicy all-beef patty cooked to perfection, generously topped with melty Manchego cheese. As you savor each delectable bite, the sweet and smoky notes of piquillo peppers complement the burger’s rich flavors, while the crispy onions add a satisfying crunch. To crown this gourmet creation, velvety garlic aioli delivers a burst of creamy goodness.

We warmly welcome you to Boca Bistro to experience these new culinary wonders. Our team looks forward to serving you and providing a memorable dining experience you will cherish. Reservations are recommended and can be made online at or by phone at 518-682-2800.

Please note that our menu is subject to seasonal changes, item availability may vary.

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