Farewell to Mick Gregg

After 12 years as a member of the DZ Restaurants Family, Mick Gregg will be leaving DZ Restaurants to spend time with his family and to explore new opportunities.

Mick came to the United States by way of Dublin, Ireland in 1985 before settling in Saratoga Springs in 1999. In 2005, Mick accepted the position of General Manager with DZ Restaurants and became an unwavering fixture at Forno Bistro. The charming irony of an Irishman managing an Italian Restaurant was never lost on the guests, nor was the gracious hospitality and engaging warmth he expressed to every person who walked into Forno Bistro.

We are reminded of the traditional Italian blessing that reads, “May your life be like good wine, tasty, sharp and clear, and like good wine may it improve with every passing year.”

Mick’s final day at Forno Bistro will be Saturday, April 29th. We invite all our guests to visit Forno Bistro before the end of the month to say farewell and to join us in wishing Mick the best as he begins this new and exciting chapter of his life.



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