How Boca Bistro Creates a Team

Boca Bistro managers Nicole & Jeremy are on a mission to bring their team together. It’s this team dynamic that Boca Bistro has created that helps their staff to embrace everything that they’ve been asked to do. “From preferred guests or sales contests to drive up the check average, this team realizes just how important the guests are to our business to themselves. Manager of Boca Bistro, Jeremy, feels “If the staff believes in Boca Bistro then the guests will get that feeling from them and enjoy their dining experience.”

Just how have they created this team dynamic? Nicole explains her theory on the importance of creating fun, non-work events. “If they love where they work and enjoy working with each other, then it shows in their work ethic and they’ll continue to provide better service.”

This sense of family that has been created within the walls of Boca Bistro can be seen on any given night. By creating these out of work events, it’s obvious that it can only help your staff build relationships, form friendships, and strengthen their professional interaction with each other.

From pumpkin carving to building gingerbread houses, Boca Bistro’s team has fun doing it! Their most recent gathering was an afternoon filled with potluck and gingerbread house making. Their gingerbread houses were showcased on the shelves near the bar area, each assigned with a number. The guests of Boca Bistro were then given the option to vote and the winning team member won a gift basket.

The team has forged great relationships with each other from these events that it strengthens the relationships between the front and back of the house.

Although none of these fun, non work events are mandatory, the entire Boca team wants to be a part of them! “It doesn’t just stop at our job, we appreciate each other and respect each other”, says Nicole.

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