How Forno Bistro Creates a Team

Forno Bistro managers Mick Gregg and Brad Smith are bringing their team together to give back to the community. Generally, every year Forno does a Secret Santa program. This year, a server, Amy Hollub set up an alternative where each staff member was able to donate money to fund a Christmas for a child in need through the Franklin Community Center. They sponsored two children this year, a four year old girl and a two year old boy.

“We raised approximately $500. Amy was able to buy all the presents that were on each child’s wish list. It was a very rewarding experience for all involved, spear-headed by Miss Hollub”, commented Brad. It was very important to Mick and Brad to give back to the community with the Forno Bistro team because it was a great opportunity to embrace the charitable mission that DZ Restaurants has always displayed through the twelve Program and the Raising Dough Program.

Not only is the Forno Bistro team giving back to the community, they are also helping each other create healthy lifestyles! Forno Bistro team members are teaming up in a contest to see who will become “The Biggest Loser”! Ten people joined this four week long challenge that consisted of an initial weigh in and set goals for each participant prior to the beginning.

Throughout the four weeks, the winner was the person with the biggest % of weight loss. Brad adds that the importance of doing this amongst the Forno Bistro team is to “raise awareness for physical health and well being and to help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.” The final weigh in was Superbowl Sunday, where the winner was also announced. Terrance Williams was crowed “The Biggest Loser”, losing a total of 20 lbs!

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