How Pasta Pane Creates a Team

Pasta Pane managers Darelle Fitzpatrick and Eric Ploof are recognizing teamwork and rewarding it! By planning outings with their team, they are creating a culture of team work at Pasta Pane.

From golf outings, to bowling parties, and other numerous team competitions, Pasta Pane is doing it all for one reason; to create a family! The Pasta Pane team values team building; this could explain why you could find them all on the golf course for their 4th annual golf outing, at the bowling alley bowling strikes, and throwing holiday parties at The Mill.

They entire DZ Restaurant team will be joining in on the family fun and will help cheer each other on to cross the finish line at Hero’s Rush on May 18th. Hero’s Rush is the tough, crazy, fear-facing fun 4-5 mile race with 17+ totally unique firefighter and “hero” themed obstacles, entertainment, food & drink, kid’s races and more.

Recognizing teamwork is an easy thing to do when Darelle and Eric run competitions. Both recognize that by running competitions, it keeps their competitive team engaged and motivated. Their most recent competition was, whoever sold the most Molly Dooker from March 5th-March 17th won a DZ Restaurant gift card. In the past, they have had competitions where whoever sold the most bottles of wine during the last four weeks of the Saratoga Horse Racing Season, won tickets to the Saratoga Wine and Food Festival.

Darelle takes her team’s relationship seriously, “We’ve interviewed a ton of people and if they don’t mesh well or they ruin the comradery that we have created, it’s not going to work and they will not be asked to join our team. It’s just as much an interview for our team as it is for us when we are interviewing candidates.

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