Raising Dough for Saratoga Center for the Family

After a devastating fire destroyed much of their offices on May 3, Saratoga Center for the Family will be featured in DZ Restaurants “Raising Dough: Social Responsibility” program for the month of June.

“Raising Dough: Social Responsibility” is DZ Restaurants’ charitable program designed to support local charities and non-profit organizations. Each month a non-profit organization is featured in the program and DZ Restaurants contribute 30% of sales at all four if its restaurants on the fourth Sunday of the month. Saratoga Center the Family will be featured on June 23. An additional $1000 can also be raised through a social media component that will run for the entire month of June.

Since 1998 DZ Restaurants has raised nearly $100,000 through our fundraising initiatives for the Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park communities.

The basement at the center, which houses the Child Advocacy Center, was completely destroyed by the fire. There was a medical exam room, counseling rooms and interview rooms all dedicated to investigating child abuse and sexual abuse with help from police personnel.

“We helped paint the Child Advocacy Center during a DZ Volunteer Day last Fall and were deeply moved by the efforts of the counselors and victim advocates and the importance of the Center to victims of abuse and their families.” said DZ Restaurants Director of Marketing, Bill Gathen “When we heard about the fire we were determined to do whatever we could to help.”

Boca Bistro, DZ Restaurants’ contemporary Spanish restaurant on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, will also be holding a New York Wine Tasting Event from 1pm-3pm on June 23 to celebrate their one-year anniversary. There will be a suggested donation of $10 with all proceeds going to Saratoga Center for the Family. The wine event will highlight tastings from 10-12 New York Vineyards, 40-50 wines, and a variety of menu samplings.

Saratoga Center for the Family serves about 500 children and families in the county with counseling services, advocacy programs and assistance for victims of abuse. They have temporarily relocated services to The Nolan House, part of the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church at 24 Circular St. Rebuilding efforts at the center have already begun, with an anticipated completion date of early September.

Reservations for Raising Dough on June 23rd to help support the center can be made at any DZ Restaurant location which includes Chianti Ristorante, Forno Bistro, Pasta Pane, and Boca Bistro. Reservations are not required for the New York Wine Tasting Event at Boca Bistro on June 23rd

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