Shmaltz Brewery Tasting at Pasta Pane

On August 22, 2013 Pasta Pane held a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” beer tasting event featuring Shmaltz Brewing Company. Guests showed up to meet the owner and founder Jeremy Cowan, and sample a selection of He’Brew: The Chosen Beers. The featured beers were: Hop Manna IPA, Rejewvenator Dubbel Doppel, and David’s Slingshot.

Shmaltz Brewing Company was born in 1996 and had been a contract brewery in Saratoga Springs, NY for over a decade.  Last month, Shmaltz Brewing Company officially opened its own brewery in Clifton Park, NY.

Owner and Founder of Shmaltz Brewery Jeremy Cowan

When asked how his journey with Shmaltz landed him in Clifton Park.  Mr. Cowan said “It made a lot of sense for us to participate in the beer scene in upstate NY”. Opening Shmaltz Brewery in Clifton Park brought production halfway between New York City, Canada, Buffalo and Boston.  Many of the Shmaltz staff members are local, and the local breweries, and members of the beer scene, are friends of the family.” Cowan said.

The real question though is how the Clifton Park Community has welcomed Shmaltz. “Amazing, even better than I expected.  Neighbors and locals to the Clifton Park community are fascinated by having a new local brewery.”  Shmaltz Brewing Company is like a “boutique wine company” according to Cowan.  Shmaltz does not sell their beer to the biggest chains around. “You have to seek out our beer” added Cowan

To commemorate their grand opening, Shmaltz is releasing a limited edition Death of a Contract Brewer, a black IPA, that can be purchased this Fall. It is made with 7 malts, 7 hops and comes in at 7% ABV.  Death of a Contract Brewer will be packaged in 22oz bottles.

Visit the Shmaltz website and see photos from the tasting.

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