Digging in the DZ Farm Dirt

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October 16, 2014
Daniel B.

Recently I was sent a press release about a new enterprise called the DZ Farm. It’s the newest venture from DZ Restaurants, the company that owns and operates Chianti Il Ristorante, Boca Bistro, Forno Bistro and Pasta Pane.

Anyhow, they were having a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a big party to celebrate the farm’s official grand opening. And I was suspicious.

After reading some of the copy about DZ Farm on the website, I had my doubts about the integrity of this project. How much of this was about cooking with local seasonal produce, and how much of this was about saying the restaurants were doing such things?

To make a long story short, I was invited to spend some time talking with the company’s executive chefs at the farm, and judge for myself.

Here’s the thing. This is indeed an exciting project, and I truly believe that Roslyn and David Zecchini have their hearts in the right place.

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