8 Great Saratoga Springs Restaurants Where You Can Enjoy A Savory Steak

With so many different cuts, rubs, sauces, and preparation styles available, steak is an entree that never gets old. Throughout Saratoga Springs, local restaurants offer their own unique take on a steak dinner, from Classic NY Strips to Filet Mignon.On the list is our very own Chianti Il Ristorante.

In the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs, Chianti Il Ristorante is serving up Dry Aged Ribeye, Bone-In Strip, T-Bone Cuts, and more. Their dry aged beef cuts are known as “Chianti Select,” and they are closely monitored in aging boxes for 25-40 days. This process concentrates the steak’s distinct flavor.

When steak is on their seasonal menu, you can expect it to come out perfectly seasoned and cooked the way you want it. Chianti Il Ristorante provides generous portions for their steak combinations, such as their beef tenderloin with a melt-in-your-mouth gorgonzola fondue.

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